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Official iPhone Unlock

We support full range of iPhone’s currently, below is the current handsets we support unlocks otherwise stated:

  • Official iPhone 3 unlock
  • Official iPhone 3G unlock 
  • Official iPhone 3GS unlock
  • Official iPhone 4 unlock 
  • Official iPhone 4S unlock
  • Official iPhone 5 unlock
  • Official iPhone 5C unlock
  • Official iPhone 5S unlock
  • Official iPhone 6 unlock
  • Official iPhone 6 Plus unlock
  • Official iPhone 6S unlock
  • Official iPhone 6S Plus unlock
  • Official iPhone 7 Unlock
  • Official iPhone 7 Plus Unlock

Please note these are official factory unlocks direct from Apple and are in NO WAY a jailbreak. 

Please note we do not offer ‘Pre order’ Unlocks like other companies that make you pay £19.99 upfront and will not unlock your handset. Our prices are set to what they are for a reason, you receive a service and our reviews page can be visited here to reflect that.

If interested in factory unlocking your handset, please order from the form above, if you do not see your network please contact us through the contact page or email info@unlockingprofessionals.com: 

What are the advantages of a factory unlock ?

  • Can be done on any baseband
  • Allows the handset to be used abroad
  • Can update to any iOS without losing the unlock as it is not  jailbreak
  • Brings up the value of the phone
  • Official unlock service so does not void Apple warranty 
  • Some blacklisted services supported – Can be used out of the country originally blacklisted in